November 2005

Romania through international eyes

>>Economics and Business
Matei Paun calls for a new Romanian elites

>>State of the Nation
Meaningful reform should begin, not end, with EU accession, says Mark Percival

Bucharest's street mafia is thriving, says Seymour Touns, partly due to the government's live and let live attitude

>>Romania Think Tank
Paul Andre-Baran discusses the needed reforms of Romania's electoral system and the accountability of Parliamentarians

>>Business Counsel
Ernst & Young experts answer readers' questions on taxation

>>In Search of Excellence
Peter Jansen explores the adventuresome qualities of firms and how it adds to business

>>Lipscani Limbo
A chance meeting in Italy with Bucharest's mayor Adrian Videanu
brings a new twist to the Lipscani issue

>>Your Health
Mikael Friedman asks why companies don't invest more into employee health?





And the Halloween Ball turned out to be a large success as Bucuresteni opened their hearts

Stefania Magidson, the founder of Blue Heron Foundation sits down with Vivid

>>Vivid Questionnaire
Alexandra Tinjala, founder of the advertising company Sister allows Vivid a closer look

>>Talk, Talk, Talk
Philip O Ceallaigh meets Cristi Puiu, the director of the Romanian film Death of Mr Lazarescu

Andrew Taylor has a word about individualism

Brittany Henderson takes us with her aboard the famous Venice-Simplon Orient Express as it passes through Romania

Andreea Sarcani falls into step with artist Emanuel Borescu

The Romanian gymnasts have dotted the world's stage before, what do they have in store for the upcoming Olympics?

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International adoptions: An update

Ten years ago couples from all over the world came to Romania to adopt children. An estimated 30,000 children were adopted internationally between 1990 and 2001, when the practise was banned by the Romanian government. In the first of two features looking at Romania’s children in state care, Vivid provides a comprehensive update on international adoptions – looking at what led to the ban, where the US and EU stand on the issue, and what is the international context.


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