October 2005

Romania through international eyes

>>Romania Think Tank
Paul-Andre Baran on how constant abuse of Bucharest’s zoning laws is adding to an already strained infrastructure

>>State of the Nation
Mark Percival says you can’t have efficient government without a strong opposition to keep it honest

>>Economics and Business
Dan Visoiu pulls the reforms that Romania cannot afford to wait any longer for off the back burner

>>In Search of Excellence
Like it or not, Romanian owners and managers had better begin to learn that the customer is always right, asserts Peter Jansen

The first of a new feature in which readers’ tax and law problems are answered by experts at Ernst & Young

>Florin Citu analyses the likely micro and macro effects of the rise in price of oil

An excerpt from Ethan Hawke's second novel, Ash Wednesday

>>Lipscani Limbo
The results of a survey among Lipscani business owners, in the continuing fiasco with the city

Brittany Henderson critises the radical Christian right that voted Bush into power in the last five years

>>Remembering New Orleans
Debbie Stowe remembers her days in the 'Big Easy'


As the ambitious charity event, the Halloween Ball draws nigh, Vivid takes a closer look

Just when you thought that NGO directors were all overly opportunistic Westerners, Ovidu Rom's Maria Gheorghiu turns them on their heads

A deeper look into the artist Costin Craioveanu and his work

>>Vivid Questionnaire
Musician Radu Draganescu of Zum shows his little-known side

John Saunders climbs Romania's three highest peaks and brings the stories back

Laura Simms revisits Buhusi zoo to see what has happened since her scathing June/July article

>>Danube Delta
The Danube Delta as we know it is disappearing, says Paul Wood

>>Your Health
Michelle Dietrich welcomes us back to our fall routines after a great summer

While you're on top, enjoy it. Craig Turp looks at the cyclical nature of winning


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