September 2005

Romania through international eyes

>>Economics and Business
Matei Paun laments the uselessness of Romania’s governing class

Andrei Postelnicu on how, in Romania, its always someone else’s fault

>>State of the Nation
Mark Percival on the revoking of Prime Minister Tariceanu’s ‘irrevocable’ decision to resign, and its consequences

How close should politicians be to journalists? Alex Ulmanu on how President Basescu’s friendship with one prominent scribe is probably not what it used to be

>>In Search of Excellence
Senior management in Romania stifles its middle managers, thus throttling innovation, argues Peter Jansen

Petru Bogdan, a brillant new Romanian artist is featured in the book of the month, on the cover, and in some of his sumptuous portraits

This month we are featuring The Host, by Hallie Wells

>>Vivid Postcards
This month we have three postcards, one from Budapest, one from Alaska, and one from our own Calea Victoriei ...

>>Lipscani Limbo
Trudy Boos reports on an inconsequential meeting with Bucharest's mayor Adriean Videanu

Stephanie Roth of Alburnus Maior lives a hard won victory over those who want to blow up Rosia Montana

>>Talk Talk Talk
Andrew Begg meets investment banker, entrepreneur and property developer, Charles Frank

>>Vivid Questionnaire
This month’s spotlight falls on Laura Teoroc, a legal adviser with AVAS

Joel Crotty on the life and music behind the man, George Enescu

The success of England’s cricket team is doing wonders for the game, but hopefully it is not the new football, says Craig Turp

Romanian acumen in advertising is being recognised internationally, as indicated by this year’s Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, says Andreea Hirica

>>Your Health
Mikhael Fredholm relives an anxious mountain climbing adventure


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Target on breast cancer

Cristina Tanase meets up with Inga Tigai and talks about the upcoming breast cancer charity fundraiser and about breast cancer awareness.


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