June/July 2005

Romania through international eyes

Paul Dinescu analyses his position with ABN AMRO and the role small business plays in the life of Bucharest

>>Economics and Business
The Rompetrol affair and Dinu Patriciu's arrest is grist for the mill for those demanding reform of Romania's judiciary

Tom Gallagher compares two elections, Romania's and Britain's, and the electoral styles of Traian Basescu and Tony Blair

>>State of the Nation
Romanian parties struggle to identify themselves with ideology in their European party counterparts, writes Mark Percival

>>In Search of Excellence
Peter Jansen says the strength of successful American companies is their ability to stick to what they are good at

Florin Citu discusses the realities of inflation and the National Bank of Romania's misuse of monetary policy

>>Lipscani Limbo
Gijsbert Huijink writes about the continuing mess caused by Mr Videanu

Amarjit Sidhu displays more of his talent in these new portraits for Vivid

The cruel face of zoos in Romania, and the animals left in the horror of their concrete dungeons, as Laura Simms writes

This month we are featuring Retreat from Moscow, by Phillip O'Ceallaigh

>>Vivid Questionnaire
Jerry van Schaik, the one of the men behind Cafe Amsterdam, Hotel Rembrandt and the new Terrace

Costin Craioveanu lets his work speak for itself

Oliver Perkins writes about new trends in team building in Romania

>>Your Health
Tonkins Anderson writes about the systematic approach to getting in shape

Liverpool's unlikely victory over Milan in the Champions League final shows the tournament is a shadow of what it used to be

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Endangered species

Silviu Petrovan shows the catastophic decline of the humble Romanian frog ...


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