May 2005

Romania through international eyes

>>Economics and Business
Angry at the way things are in Romania, vents Matei Paun

Paul Wood comments on the end of Iliescu's political career

>>State of the Nation
Mark Percival argues that judicial reform is happening under the new Justice Minister Monica Macovei, but the EU and the government are discouraging it

>>In Search of Excellence
Peter Jansen denounces the Romanian business model of firma saraca, patron bogat

Alex Ulmanu analyzes the Romanian press in light of the scandal in Iraq

>>Legal and General
Dan Dascalu scrutanizes the new labor code the government introduced

>>Lipscani Limbo
Gijsbert Huijink talks about the current problems the city has created by blocking Lipscani from vehicular traffic

Craig Turp rejoices at the new cricket season ...

>>An Expat Remembers
"Doorframes have a philosophy of equal opportunities - they do not care if they are fracturing a Western or a Romanian metatarsal ..." writes Debbie Stowe


>>Your Health
Tonkins Anderson writes about getting in shape, and not just for the upcoming summer season

This month we are featuring Another Love Story, by Phillip O'Ceallaigh

>>Vivid Questionnaire
Diana Metiu reveals a bit about herself in this month's questionnaire

Andreea Sarcani explores the world of glass through artist Alexandru Ghildush's lenses

>>Talk, Talk, Talk
Andrew Begg meets Australian film director Bruce Beresford

Amarjit Sidhu displays more of his talent in these new portraits for Vivid

Lisa Franzetta ruffles the feathers of KFC as PETA makes its first demonstration in Bucharest

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Holocaust Awareness in Romania

A meeting with two of the foremost Holocaust specialists on the appropriate education reforms to bring awareness to Romanians on their country's of the Holocaust ...


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