April 2005

Romania through international eyes

>>Economics and Business
National security: misguided strategies, misguided fears, writes Matei Paun

Andrei Postelnicu bids the EU's Lisbon Agenda farewell, but it was a good idea while it lasted

>>State of the Nation
Mark Percival says it is time to take a long, hard look at Romania's electoral system

>>Human Resources
Paul Wood meets Cozmin Gusa, a politician with no place to go (for now)

The truth about The Truth, Alex Ulmanu on Adevarul's revolving door

>>Vivid Cinema
A look at the new independent film, Motorcycle Diaries, and Clint Eastwood's latest export, Million Dollar Baby

Craig Turp denouces David Beckham's influence over British football

>>An Expat Remembers
Christopher Lawson recalls the increased presence of African students under Ceausescu

Eugen Babau-Iladi offers an inside look into Rompetrol and life in Bucharest

>>Your Health
Mikael Fredholm, a newcomer to Romania, has already had more experience of the great outdoors than many of us ...

This month we are featuring An Evening of Love, by Phillip O'Ceallaigh

>>Letter from Iasi
Christopher Lawson meets Sigrun Andree, who discusses her efforts to promote German culture with the Goethe Zentrum

>>Wine tasting with Alice
Alice Ignatiadis goes adventuring into the world of wines, after being inspired by the film Sideways

Romanian soprano Angela Gheorghiu's new CD, reviewed by Joel Crotty of Monash University, Melbourne

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All in a day's work

Romania's Maia Morgenstern discusses her role as the Virgin Mary in Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ


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