March 2005

Romania through international eyes

>>Economics and Business
Matei Paun calls for a national debate on economic priorities

The fact that Romania once had state industries of national pride is no reason to sustain them on life support

>>Talk Talk Talk
Orange Romania's Richard Moat

>>State of the Nation
Mark Percival examines divisions in Romanian parties and the government's long term future

>>Real Estate
Richard Grotendorst examines the changes in tax legislation that are influencing real estate investments

>>Romania Life and Times
Joshua Burke explores secluded Oasa Monastery

Andrea Sarcani visits with Romanian artist Ana Bianca on here new show at the H'art Gallery

A change in the wind on the way Romanian media reports animal rights issues

No one seems to think the US is involved in the Middle East for its self-proclaimed noble reasons, says Sara Singer

Andrew Nicholson, on life and teaching in Romania and Sri Lanka

>>Timpuri Vechi
Calea Victoriei in the 1930s, as seen by Walter Starkie in his book, Raggle-Taggle

>>Vivid Questionnaire
This month's spotlight falls on charity organiser Leslie Hawke

>>Postcard from Melbourne
"... as I was ploughing heavily into the wild and frothy dumpers of the Southern Ocean ..." Libby Richardson writes.

>>Postcard from Toronto
Harriet Spalding braves the weather in this windswept Canadian city...

>>Interview with Dan Popescu
I believe in art that doesn't make you feel like a Japanese tourist, says the owner of H'art Gallery

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Life with the Lifers:

A visit to Rahova prison

Cristina Tanase looks inside Rahova, Bucharest's high security prison


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