February 2005

Romania through international eyes

>>Economics and business
Matei Paun on stock market bubbles, and how to avoid them

Romania’s newspapers are basically rubbish, says Andrei Postelnicu, and journalism needs to be recognised for the profession it is

Alex Ulmanu on a media scandal that never should have happened

>>Management and Productivity
Basil Carter reminds us of the importance of good manners

>>Lawyer at Large
Oliver Meister analyses the reasons as to why he has returned to Romania

Andreea Sarcani speaks to Gorzo on the eve of his exhibition at the Bologna Art Fair

Why a law on keeping wild animals is necessary in Romania

The EU will shape Romania 's destiny this year, for better or worse, says Tom Gallagher

>>Vivid Predicts
Find out what’s really going to happen this year

Tudor Boloni, on autonomy and imperfection

>>Talk talk talk
Elena Francisc, who has edited Cosmopolitan since its launch in Romania in 1999

>>Timpuri Vechi
Calea Victoriei in the 1930s, as seen by Walter Starkie in his book, Raggle-Taggle

>>Vivid Christmas Quiz Answers
Congratulations to Catalin Dica, who has won our Christmas-New Year quiz

>>Vivid Postcard from Molvania
Toby Smith writes from Molvania. But is it a real place?

>>An Expat Remembers
Nick Hammond recalls his first impression of Romania on arrival at Otopeni in 1990


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Looking Back To Election 2004
Romania's Orange Revolution

Now that the dust has settled, Paul Wood looks at how and why the Basescu triumph came about

Looking Forward From
Election 2004
Action on corruption

Romania's new government should make its presence felt by confronting corruption head-on, says Mark Percival

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