December 2004

Romania through international eyes

>>Economics and business
Matei Paun on why Romania's capital markets need to become accessible to foreigners

While it looked wonderful on paper, writes Andrei Postelnicu, the failure of the Lisbon Agenda shows the divisiveness and inconsistency of the EU

That other election, the US election, shows there is a new cultural idealism. Where does Romania stand?

The judiciary is light years away from performing efficiently and properly, says Mark Percival

A critical assessment of Romania's newspapers, from Alex Ulmanu

>>A Lawyer at Large
Oliver Meister recounts his first experience of 1st December, Romania's national day

As is traditional at Christmas, this month's Diary features the thoughts and reflections of some of Vivid's younger readers

>>Vivid Christmas Quiz
There's a mixed dozen bottles of wine from Cramele Prahova, courtesy of Halewood, so put your thinking caps on and get those entries in!

Marcel Zambaccian speaks to Cristina Tanase

>>Postcard from Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia
In between avoiding snakes, cane toads and saltwater crocodiles, Mandy Begg writes from Australia's Outback

>>Postcard from Athens
Find a comfortable sofa, mix yourself a frappe, and lean back and read Cornelia Coricovac's missive from the Greek capital

>>Talk talk talk
Horia Brenciu, impresario and all-round performer


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Rosia Montana
Mining Romania's past

by Tim Judy
The international outcry from historians, archaeologists, university professors and academics over plans to let a Canadian mining company destroy a unique archaeological site has gone unnoticed at the Ministry of Culture, say opponents of the project...

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