November 2004

Romania through international eyes

The concluding part of Catalin Dimofte’s analysis into what lies behind the tragedy that was Beslan

>>Election 2004
Mark Percival finds the PD-PNL’s electoral manifesto surprisingly bereft of substance

There are lessons to be learnt from the Martha Stewart case, says Andrei Postelnicu

>>Economics and business
Matei Paun identifies five crucial economic areas the new government must address

>>Your money
Upcoming changes to tax legislation are an improvement, says Alex Milcev, but there is still a way to go

>>Baghdad journal
There is still no end in sight, writes Phil Bloom

We endorse Traian Basescu’s presidential bid

Dan Visoiu reflects on an absence of 25 years

>>Vivid Questionnaire
This month’s spotlight falls on the Crowne Plaza’s GM Franz Rattenstetter

Enterprise Investors has just sunk 9 million euros into Credisson. We meet the leading men from both companies, Jacek Siwicki and Florin Andronescu

>>Romanian life and times
Alice Ignatiades attends a village wedding

>>Travel and tourism
Seymour Touns suggests ways in which more tourists could be attracted to Bucharest


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Analysis: The war on terror: Russia on the brink--Part 2

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Romanian History
Romania faces up to its Holocaust past

by Andrew Begg
November 2004
After discussions regarding the opening of Romanian government archives for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, on 13th June 2003 the following statement was issued by the Romanian government...more

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