October 2004

Romania through international eyes

Part one of Catalin Dimofte's examination of what lies behind the tragedy that was Beslan

>>Election 2004
Mark Percival on the PSD's electoral manifesto

Andrew Taylor on the canal Ukraine is building on Romania's doorstep

What many newspapers
call investigative reporting,
writes Alex Ulmanu, isn't investigative and it isn't reporting

>>Legal and General
Alina Rosca's words of advice on establishing a Romanian company

Andreea Sarcani meets painter Alexandru Radvan

Romania is a country full of vedete

Gabriela Massaci's stream of consciousness on the essence of diaries

>>Vivid Questionnaire
Surfing and boogying with Bryan Jardine

Ali Ergun Ergen, the man in charge of Plaza Romania, Bucharest's new mall

>>Talk, talk
Ruxandra Gubernat meets Elisabeta Lipa, Romania's most decorated Olympian

>>Baghdad journal
There never was a plan

Joel Crotty on 'world music'

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>>Baghdad Journal
>>Travel and Tourism
>>Analysis: The war on terror: Russia on the brink
>>Vivid Book of the Month
>>Vivid Cartoons, by Gary McCoy

Much ado about (almost) nothing

by Andrei Postelnicu
October 2004

By the time this issue of Vivid lands in your hands, the Victoria Palace elites will have stopped having seizures about the much-awaited verdict from the Brussels Eurocrats: that Romania has, finally, a functioning market economy...more

>>Time's Winged Chariot
>>Vivid Events