September 2004

Romania through international eyes
>>Romania Think Tank
Mark Percival summarises the findings of the recent RTT conference on press freedom

Economics and Business
Achieving good government doesn't have to be so difficult, says Matei Paun

On how paid articles have become a common practice in newspapers, by Alex Ulmanu

Andrew Taylor on how carbon trading will affect Romanian industry

Peter de Ruiter of
Erns t& Young speaks to Vivid

On Bucharest's major congestion problem

Marilen Popa parallels life in and outside Bucharest

>>Vivid Questionnaire
Kurt Strohmayer, the spotlight is on you

>>Talk, talk
Leslie Hawke discusses her work for the poor of Bacau

>>Athens Olympics
The great moments of a spectacular Olympics

>>Vivid Postcard
Robert Krygsman writes
from Athens

>>Vivid Book of the Month
>>Time's Winged Chariot
>>Vivid Events
>>Athens Olympics Special Issue
>>Vivid Postcard Collection
>>Vivid Cartoons, by Gary McCoy

Elisabeta Rizea,
forgotten hero remembered

by Cristina Tanase

Elisabeta Rizea's name strikes a similar note with many Romanians as do other, better known freedom fighters such as Nelson Mandela and Lech Walesa, whose defiance of authoritarian regimes made them a symbol in the battle against tyranny...more





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