Romania through international eyes
Big Brother
Sex on television: who should set the limits?

by Alex Ulmanu

Romania Think Tank
What Romanians really believe will come of joining the EU

Economics and Business
Romanians have themselves to blame for their leaders. After all, they elected them, says Matei Paun

Andrew Taylor on the mess that has come from measuring individual water consumption

Lawyer at Large
Oliver Meister compares doing business in Romania with Ukraine

Vivid Questionnaire
Sofitel GM and marathon man Luc Gesvret

Some thoughts on Romanian corruption, Bechtel, the US, Iraq and Lia Roberts

Drugs in schools

Reg Gutteridge, Bucharest's most knowledgeable expat

Postcard from
New Mexico

Toby Smith meets Gabi Szabo, while walking his dog

Romania's best fashion photographer, Marius Baragan

Reminiscence of things past

>>Time's Winged Chariot
>>Vivid Events

'SEX! SEX! SEX! And now, that I've got your attention tomorrow's class is rescheduled for next week.' Some university teachers are still using this trick to get students to read their announcements in the school's hallway...more

Easter in Romania was a peaceful time for many of us, but not all of us.
>>Shoot: Marius Baragan's Girls
>>Problema rezolvata



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