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Extraordinary People

Black Saturday remembered

Six months later and the State Emergency Services were still cutting down blackened trees.

Christopher Neesham visits Kinglake, one of the worst hit towns devastated by the Black Saturday fires in Victoria, Australia in February 2009. He discusses the events of that day and their lasting impact on the community (read more)

Written by: Christopher Neesham - Filed under: Extraordinary People - Posted: 11|01|2010

Vivid Gallery

The Peace Corps year

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Peace Corps volunteers were invited to record their impressions and submit them to Vivid during 2009.



Bucharest is safe no longer

Perhaps the most regrettable, unwelcome aspect of Romania's continual embracing of all things occidental is a concomitant rise in street crime.A vicious, cowardly attack leads us to reconsider our personal security Read more >>>

Learning Hungarian

Except for an 11-month stint as prime minister, Mugur Isarescu has headed Romania's central bank since September 1990, and was recently reappointed to another term as governor.Romania and Hungary have been hit hard by the global financial crisis, but now only Hungary can look to the future with confidence Read more >>>
From the West Coast

Tract homes after peak oil

Tract homes are typically fed by a highway which allows residents easy access to shopping centres. Picture: Larry Goren.Just as the Soviet-style apartment block is a feature of urban Romania, tract homes are a feature of modern America. Read more >>>

Postcard from Lisbon

A Lisbon tramChristopher Lawson takes readers on a guided tour of Portugal's capital

Written by: Christopher Lawson - Posted: 20|01|2010 [Comments: 2]

American Idle

Which way to the voting booth?

You've got to really admire Val Kilmer for his depth of knowledge and his great sensitivity. The man clearly knows of what he speaks.Can we take Val Kilmer seriously when he says he's considering running to be governor of New Mexico?

Written by: Toby Smith - Posted: 20|01|2010


Life is good?

To be a doctor in Romania is like wanting a puppy when you are young, receiving it, loving it, wanting it to love you, and one day waking up and finding him no longer there.Young Romanian doctor, Raluca Andrei, kicks off a new column on the trials, tribulations and frustrations of life inside Romania's medical system

Written by: Raluca Andrei - Posted: 15|01|2010

Vivid Film

Maya Lin - Unchopping a Tree from What is Missing? Foundation on Vimeo.

Travel and Tourism

Urlati - the hidden secret of Prahova

Facade details at Conacul Bellu.Friedrich Niemann discusses Urlati, a village where several stately homes provide respite from the hustle and bustle of Bucharest

Written by: Friedrich Niemann - Posted: 28|12|2009 [Comments: 1]


The 2009 Vivid Baby Diaries

Miles Baran-CandreaThe Baby Diaries, a festive Vivid tradition, seeks the views of some of our younger readers Read more >>>
Vivid Questionnaire

Denisa Iancu

Image for Vivid magazine issue 98Denisa Iancu spent many of her formative years in New York and New Jersey, but now lives and works in Bucharest, where she is a vascular surgeon, performing operations such as varicose veins removals Read more >>>
Your Health

"Train inside, then get outside"

Vlad Mihalache, a World Class cycling instructor and keen athlete.Michelle Dietrich explains how World Class is bringing new meaning to fitness training through its mountain biking events Read more >>>
Economics and Business

Going with the flow

A frequently heard complaint of business is that their need for support in a cash flow crisis is not being met by the banking system and ultimately government.In times of crisis, many companies are dropping their prices just to keep cashflow ticking over. When the recession is behind us, how will partners react to having the older, higher pricing restored?

Written by: Ray Breden - Posted: 21|12|2009


Sporting chances

Ciprian Balanescu, Romania's triathlon champion, represents a more wholesome role model than any pretentious footballer.Romania already has its next sporting superheroes, but sometimes the hardest thing to see is right in front of your eyes

Written by: Andrew Begg - Posted: 11|12|2009 [Comments: 1]


Cambodian journal - part 1

Alexandra Tinjala, on the cover of Vivid, November 2005.Alexandra Tinjala recently returned from teaching children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to speak English. This is Part One of her journal

Written by: Alexandra Tinjala - Posted: 10|12|2009


Bucharest is safe no longer

Perhaps the most regrettable, unwelcome aspect of Romania's continual embracing of all things occidental is a concomitant rise in street crime.A vicious, cowardly attack leads us to reconsider our personal security

Written by: Andrew Begg - Posted: 07|12|2009 [Comments: 5]


The 2009 Vivid Baby Diaries

Miles Baran-CandreaThe Baby Diaries, a festive Vivid tradition, seeks the views of some of our younger readers

Written by: Miles Baran-Candrea, Stephanie Maia Bloom, Zacharias Mark Phillips and Anastasia Melnic - Posted: 04|12|2009

American Idle

Deep panned supreme leader

Kim Jong-Il, North Korea's bargain-basement leader.Toby Smith intends to transform his garage into an appreciation society for North Korea's President Kim Jong-Il - if his wife will let him

Written by: Toby Smith - Posted: 03|12|2009

People in the News

Elections, emissions and differing positions

PSD leader Mircea Geoana received a considerable boost to his chance of becoming Romania's next president after his endorsement by PNL leader Crin Antonescu.Good news for environmentalist activists, Unirea Urziceni fans, cricket enthusiasts and eurozone countries, and bad news for Traian Basescu, Romanian car retailers, Bucharest commuters and Silvio Berlusconi

Written by: - Posted: 27|11|2009


Gaming the play

Image for Vivid magazine issue 99Andrew Begg reviews Bogdan Tiganov's The Wooden Tongue Speaks, Joseph O'Neill's Netherland, Kenneth Kelley's Working Class Diplomat and Ian Botham's Head On

Written by: Andrew Begg - Posted: 23|11|2009


A Romanian view of Americans abroad

Image for Vivid magazine issue 99Jim Rosapepe, who was US ambassador to Romania between January 1998 and February 2001, and his wife Sheilah Kast, have written Dracula is Dead, a book which primarily records their impressions of Romania during their time here. Some excerpts:

Written by: Jim Rosapepe and Sheilah Kast - Posted: 13|11|2009 [Comments: 1]


There is a light

When Dinu Patriciu speaks, people tend to listen.At the recent Black Sea Energy and Economic Forum, Cristina Dragomirescu Duschek sees Dinu Patriciu, Romania's richest man, walking head and shoulders above leading politicians

Written by: Cristina Dragomirescu Duschek - Posted: 10|11|2009


Recent Romanian recordings

Dan Dediu: Piano PiecesJoel Crotty reviews some recent releases by Romanian musicians: Dan Dediu, Catalina Butcaru and Dora Cojocaru

Written by: Joel Crotty - Posted: 29|10|2009


A Taste of Old Times

<b>The discussion.</b> <br/><small> Picture: Amarjit Sidhu.<small>Romanians' attitudes, mores and foibles are on display when friends and family are brought together for a meal, as Monica Wolfe Murray sharply observes

Written by: Monica Wolfe Murray - Posted: 26|10|2009 [Comments: 1]

Travel and Tourism

Oh, to go to Moscow, to Moscow!*

The Russian double faced eagle has replaced the Red Star on the towers of the Resurrection Gate.Vivid's eminently qualified hospitality writer Friedrich Niemann finds that whenever he visits Moscow it is barely recognisable from the last time he was there

Written by: Friedrich Niemann - Posted: 22|10|2009

In Search of Excellence

Emotional rescue

Emotional advertising strategies work well during downturnsWhy emotional advertising messages beat rational ones, even in times of crisis

Written by: Peter Jansen - Posted: 19|10|2009


Worse than predicted

Unlike most governments who have adopted reflationary tactics of pumping public money into the economy and, in some cases, printing more money, Romania has done just the opposite.The Boc government's attempts at handling the challenges of the global financial crisis have summarily failed, says Andrew Taylor, and the worst hit sector of its policies has been small and medium-sized enterprises

Written by: Andrew Taylor - Posted: 15|10|2009

Economics and Business

Taxing times

No one knows about the real extent of the black economy, but it is there.The budget deficit is blowing out, so the government must clamp down on the black economy and those who are not paying their taxes, but how?

Written by: Ray Breden - Posted: 11|10|2009

People in the News

Knives in the water, birds on the wire

Leonard Cohen delighted fans with a memorable concert at Bucharest's Parcul Tineretului. At 74, Cohen shows no signs of tiring and has been touring constantly over the last year, although a bout of food poisoning caused him to faint during a concert in Valencia, soon after his Bucharest show.Good news for Pacific ocean sharks, Romaniaís womenís handball team, Geelong supporters and residents of Rio de Janiero, and bad news for Phizer, Toyota, Roman Polanski and Renaultís Formula One team

Written by: - Posted: 06|10|2009